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March 31, 2020
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Australian Horses Different Breeds And Their Uses

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Horses have served humans since times immemorial, whether it was for transportation, load carrying, leisure, or sports. Horses came to Australia in late 1700s. It is believed that a group of 7 horses and mares were bought into Australia in 1788, and the number grew to 70 in next one century through breeding. Originally, they were used for transportation, but later on, a breed of horses called Walers was produced using selective breeding. They offered a combination of speed and strength.

Today, there are various breeds of horses available in Australia, and each is used for a different purpose including, leisure horseback riding, endurance riding, trail riding, work, jumping, dressage, and other purposes. Here is the list of most popular horses that originated in Australia, including their common uses and characteristics:

Australian pony: These ponies have an average height of about 14 hands, which makes them just perfect for horse riding by small adults and children. They are used for horseback riding, trail riding, endurance riding, work, and jumping. They come in a variety of colours including chestnut, champagne, brown, black, and many more.

Australian brumby: Most of the free roaming horses are called brumby. They vary widely in size and colour, however, chestnut is the most common colour. On an average, they are about 14.1 hands tall, which make them shorter than many breeds. They are used for work.

Australian riding pony: This one is again one of the shorter sized horses (14.2 hands on an average), and is used for dressage, leisure horse riding, endurance riding, work, and jumping. They come in brown, black, and gray colour.

Australian stock horse: These horses are as tall as 16.2 hands; taller than many other breeds. Australian stock horses were bred particularly to suit Australian climates, and are known for their good temperament and endurance. They are commonly used for dressage, leisure horse riding, mounted athletics, trail riding, and work.

Waler: These are taller horses that come in Gray colour. They are known for their good temperament, and get their name from New South Wales. They are used for work and general riding.

Australian draught horse: At 17.2 hands, these horses are taller than most other horse breeds. These horses are also heavier than most horses. They are strong horses, known for their good nature. They come in gray, white, brown, black, and roan colours. Australian draught horses are used for work, leisure horse riding, and endurance riding.

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