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June 22, 2020
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Beginning Golf: The Basic Rules

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Golf is one of the most popular forms of recreation around. People love golf for the outdoors, the competition, and the game conversation. Whatever your reasons for beginning the art and sport of golf, you'll need to understand the basic rules of the game. Below, you'll find the most important general rules to employ while starting out on the green.

1. To play a standard game of golf, the holes on the course must be played in order-from 1-9 or 1-18-and no exception will be made, unless stated beforehand.

2. A Match Play round of golf means that each hole is a separate game. If you get the first hole you are "one up", and conversely, if you miss the first hole, you are "one down", and so on. In this type of play, you win the game when you are more holes in then there are left to play.

3. A Stroke Play round of golf means you must sink your ball into every hole before continuing to the next hole. Whoever has the least amount of strokes for the entire round, wins the game.

4. The maximum amount of clubs that you can carry according to official tournament rules is 14. You may not change the golf balls whole in play unless you both agree that it is badly damaged and should be switched out.

5. Always obey rules given by tournament officials and/or golf course administration.

6. Know your starting time and be there on time.

7. Know which ball is yours; most golfers will mark their own ball to be able to differentiate.

8. Do not delay play or impede your opponents' play.

9. During a match, you are not allowed to ask anyone advice on how to play, nor allowed to give it.

10. You are not allowed to put anything on the green that would mark direction or help you gauge where your ball is.

11. The player who has the lowest score on a stroke play, is allowed to go first on the next hole.

12. In match play, if you play out of turn you may given the penalty of doing it over.

13. You must play your ball from where it is, and cannot move it.

14. If you need to pick up your ball to show location in a hazard, you may do so after alerting your opponent of your intention to do so.

15. You may not scoop the ball with your club if it is in an awkward position; you must only graze the ground as if in normal play.

16. You may not improve your swing by moving or breaking anything in your way, as in a hazard there may be weeds, brush, etc.

17. You are not allowed at any time to touch the water, sand, or ground before striking the ball in a hazard (or bunker) area.

18. You must not play someone else's ball. The penalty is losing the right to play that hole or in stroke play, you incur two strokes to your overall score.

19. 10 seconds of waiting time is allowed when your ball is hanging on the edge of the hole. If it falls in after, add one penalty stroke to your overall score.

20. If your ball moves due to wind or water, you must play it out as is.

21. If a ball is lost or out of bounds, you replace with a new ball and play out from your last play location. Add one penalty stroke to your overall score.


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