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July 31, 2020
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Camping Dutch Ovens

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With the proliferation of modern cooking equipment for outdoors use, the camping Dutch ovens may be a thing of the past. Fortunately, most camping enthusiasts love the benefits that even a simple Dutch oven provides from its versatility to its affordability. Keep in mind that Dutch ovens can cook everything from the main dish to the sweet desserts with minimum effort even in an outdoor setting.

What are these Ovens?

For the information of individuals who may not be familiar with these ovens, these are large deep pots with thick walls, a thick lid resting snugly on the lid, and a rim where the hot coals are placed.

Depending on the design, the Dutch ovens' bottoms can have three to four legs that will then stand over the hot coals although there are camping ovens that sit directly on the hot coals.

To lift the Dutch oven off the hot coals, just get a good grasp on its sturdy wire handle. The oven itself can be placed on a sturdy table from which the diners will get their portions of the meal.
What Makes these Ovens Great?

Dutch ovens have many benefits going for them. A few of these benefits are:

* Durability - Since Dutch ovens are made from strong materials, these cooking tools will last for many years even when used every single day. Cast iron is the most common material although modern versions use enamel. Of course, proper care, seasoning and maintenance of Dutch ovens must be implemented to ensure that the next generation of campers will enjoy the benefits of these cooking implements.

* Versatility - Camping ovens are suitable for dishes that require long and slow cooking to bring out their best flavors. Roasts, casseroles and stews can be prepared using a Dutch oven, which most campers will attest as being the best than similar dishes cooked over a conventional oven. Baked goodies like biscuits, pies and cakes can also be cooked using these ovens, just as the pioneers to the Old West did.

* Affordability - Dutch ovens are very affordable. Of course, the price will differ based on the size, style and features of the ovens.

Both avid campers and average homeowners who like to enjoy outdoor parties in their backyards are making an excellent investment in camping ovens.

What are the Best Tips in using These Ovens?

For those who have yet to use Dutch ovens or who have difficulty getting the right results from their use of the cooking tools, here are a few tips:

* Preheat the oven before adding the ingredients. This way, the oven provides for a uniform cooking temperature all over its surface, making it easier to cook dishes to perfection.

* Regulate the heat by adding or removing coals. Take note that using Dutch ovens is not an exact science since the heat is often distributed unevenly, thus, the close regulation of the heat.

* Stack the Dutch ovens - up to 6 pots, in fact - to cook many dishes or bake multiple batches of desserts.

The use of camping ovens requires little practice to perfect. When you do perfect the technique, the enjoyment that comes from sumptuous desserts and savory dishes are incomparable.


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