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November 15, 2020
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Preparing for an Overnight Hike

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Hiking is the most popular outdoor activity in the world. People from all walks of life enjoy hiking as a way to appreciate the beauty of the outdoors or to get in shape, or in most cases, both. Some might hike as a daytime leisure activity, but would rather return to the comfort of their own home at night. Others may prefer day-to-day hikes from one hostel or cabin to another. Still others prefer hiking in remote areas and sleeping in the great outdoors.

For the adventurous individuals who enjoy the latter, careful preparation must be taken to ensure that all the needed materials and equipment are packed. Though overnight hiking can be enjoyable and rejuvenating, it can also be dangerous if not prepared for properly. It can also be dangerous if the needed materials weigh more than one person can safely carry throughout a rigorous hike. If a novice hiker plans a lengthy and difficult hike, they should be sure to have an experience hiker accompany them and help them prepare.

The right equipment is essential for having an enjoyable overnight hike. The most important thing for an overnight hiker to consider is water. Many overnight hikers prefer purification tablets to water purifiers because they are lighter weight and more effective. There are two main types of water purification treatments: iodine and chlorine. Iodine is generally more effective than chlorine, but some people are allergic. A hiker should make sure that they use the best method for them and that they follow carefully the water treatment directions that come with the tablets.

Quality hiking boots are the next most important item in a hiker's equipment. Since almost all the strain of hiking will be on a person's feet, the shoes they wear will be essential. Hiking boots are not just any old boot. They are made specifically for hiking with thick, sturdy soles to protect against the trail. Good hiking boots should be paired with a good pair of socks. It is always a good idea to take an extra pair of socks just in case the other gets soiled.

Since an overnight hiker will need protection at night, a sturdy tent will be important. A good hiking tent should be lightweight, compact, and easy to assemble. There are many different types of hiking tents. A hiker should consider a few factors when deciding on a tent, such as weight, protection from weather, stability in the wind, durability, shape, setup difficulty, and ventilation. Two popular types of hiking tent shape are dome tents and tube tents.

Two other essential overnight hiking items are a backpack and a sleeping bag. Since a backpack will be carrying all of a hiker's equipment, a hiker should carefully research the different types. An overnight hiker would want to look at packs in the midsize or expedition range that can carry a larger inventory. Sleeping bags come in all different sizes, shapes, and uses. A hiker will want to consider the possible temperatures in the selected hiking area and choose a sleeping bag that will be warm enough.

These are just a few of the essential pieces of equipment an overnight hiker will need. Other smaller items, like jackets, flashlights, food, bug spray, and fuel will need to considered as well. As long as an overnight hiker prepares carefully, a multi-day hike will be a rewarding and enjoyable experience.


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