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March 16, 2020
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All About Outdoors Sporting Goods

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The advent of the industrial revolution has taken many a man and from the countryside and put him in the bustle of the city. Pavement has replaced soil, trees become lamp posts, and the skies are darkened by soot and smoke, but man's heart still yearns for the wilds.

Many a person has watched the clock tick to five o'clock thinking about green grass and wind in the hair. The clock watchers started way back in grade school; children would count the minutes to recess where they could romp in the open air. Because of this internal drive back to nature, the advent of outdoor sports has blossomed.

Trying to encompass virtually any activity involving open air and a competitive action, outdoor sports is quite possibly as vast as the open land itself. The first divide in this category is between water and earth. Swimming and diving are the most simple water sports requiring swimming trunks and goggles. A step up is fishing; quite possibly the laziest sport since cloud gazing.

Any fisherman needs a pole, hooks, and bait, but really competitive fishermen, the kind with the eighty pound bass propping up the den wall, know that it's all about gear and a little luck. Boating is another popular water sporting event. Sloop and sail racing has been popular for years along with skiing, but now personal watercraft adds a blend of both racing and skiing. If none of this takes your fancy, there's always gliding down a creek or river in an inner tube.

Back on land the number of sporting choices increases tenfold. Running, jogging, hiking, and climbing require simple, but specialized equipment like shoes, hydration options, and ropes and other tackle. Then come the bike riders who are able to move faster but need bicycles. Thankfully, there are different options ranging from a casual ride down a park trail, to mountain biking, and even bikes made specifically for city riding. Also keep mind the hunting and camping options.

For longer than a day hike, and extended hunting trek, or to take a break from climbing the crags, camping supplies have traditionally fallen into the sporting good umbrella. Finally you have the ball sports with baseball, football, soccer, and even rugby. And while you certainly don't need million dollar contracts or thousand dollar shoes, it is more or less required to have a ball!

From armature backyard or empty lot games to semi-professional and league play, whether it is on the water or land, and if it's just for fun or some serious competition, outdoor sports need outdoor sporting goods and equipment. If you don't know where to look or how to get started, check your local sporting goods store or on the Internet for great tips and deals. As always, be safe, sensible, and remember: work hard, play hard.


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